Month: November 2005

Identify the Goal – II

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So why is it difficult for a company to decide on its objectives?It is not, I assert, because business leaders are lazy, or stupid. I truly hope this is a true statement.I propose that it is difficult to settle on firm objectives because of the infinite possibilities that present themselves for any given situation.Let’s take […]

Identify the goal

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Now, from my prior post, it may appear that I don’t find anything useful regarding strategy development on the web.That’s not true. At least not totally true.I think there are some corner’s of the net that have very interesting work and links. Of course, context is required.Before we dive into game theory and its relationship […]

Strategy Development

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It’s amazing what a quick Google Search of business strategy turns up. Where are the deep thoughts and exchange of ideas that the internet is supposed to foster? Behind a login prompt and request for payment, mostly. But developing strategy is not rocket science.Is it difficult? Yes. But only because it requires hard thinking (which […]