Month: January 2006

The power of open source

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Here’s a little detour from theory into real life. What do you do in a fortune 500 company when a major software deployment is getting ready to go spiraling down the drain? Forget all of the issues around contingency planning, release management, and the other management buzz-words executive like to use. What do you do […]

An Aside on Creative Thinking

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In my last post, I began describing a technique that is based on the military estimate or appreciation process for developing strategy and operational plans.In a nutshell, when faced with any series of alternative actions that you or the opposition may take, you should look at three key alternatives: The worst thing that the opponent […]

Competing – Capabilities and Intentions

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So strategy is hard. Anything complex usually is. And as the old adage about eating elephants goes, “we have to do it one bite at a time.”So the first bite is understanding what your competitors are capable of and what they intend to do. (I’m assuming at this point you have at least a good […]