Moving Toward 1.2

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MagicBrush-Photo was stalled slightly at version 1.1.5. I knew what I wanted to add by way of features, and had a development branch working, but unfortunately my “paying job” was consuming more of my time and energy than I planned.

An Aside

I should probably caveat that I’m not your typical programmer (at least I like to think I’m not). I’ve got a full-time non-programming management job at a fortune 500 company within the IT organization. For the past year I’ve been loaned out on a special project team doing a bunch of neat things within a couple of our markets. I’ve run the gamut from launching new products and services to implementing different business model pilots and a slew of other cool things.

It’s been fun (mostly), and a lot of hard work.

But it has seriously diminished my free time to program and enhance my software. At the same time, Leopard has been released, and the niche I had targeted is beginning to transform into a very competitive landscape. It would be easy to back off and let MagicBrush-Photo languish.

But that’s not what I want to do.

Why I Program

1. I like to solve interesting problems.
2. I like to have control of how I work.
3. I like the Macintosh platform.
4. I like the idea of “not working for the man”.
5. I like being able to keep my coding skills fresh.

While my morale regarding GreenWave Software was a little down early in the year, I’ve found it helps to remember why I enjoy programming in the first place. I don’t get to use this set of skills much at work (and frankly don’t think I would enjoy it if I had to code in a corporate environment).

When I stop and think about these reasons, I find I am more focused on moving the needle with MagicBrush-Photo and a few other projects I have in the hopper.

Now, back to coding 😉