Image Uploading

By: | Post date: April 12, 2008 | Comments: No Comments
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One of the features that has always been planned for MagicBrush-Photo has been the ability to upload or publish images to Picasa and Flickr.

Right now I’m in the midst of incorporating this feature into the release plan. The GData APIs for cocoa are making this straight forward enough, but the tricky part is making the experience fit in with the overall Mac user expectation.

For instance, a user has a reasonable expectation of being able to store their account information for Picasa or Flickr in their keychain.

Once you can authenticate to either site, you need to present the complex behavior of the web application in a simplified manner. Should users be able to only upload? Should they be able to view previously uploaded images (to ensure they’re not duplicating things)? Should they be able to edit tags and descriptions for images already uploaded, or just when they initially upload them? Complexity grows quickly.

Stay tuned to see how MagicBrush-Photo handles these. If you are interested in helping beta test these features, give me a shout.