Updating to 10.6SDK part II

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I thought I was ready to dive into the functionality changes/fixes around views, but discovered an incompatibility in saving images in different formats that needed to be corrected first.

The issue was 10.6 changes how it handles file types pretty significantly from 10.4 and now I needed to be checking the UTI much more carefully.

In the end, it was a simple change to add string checks in my NSDocument class:

– (NSData *)dataOfType:(NSString *)typeName error:(NSError **)outError

I needed to check the typeName for a match agains the Document Content Type UTIs inside the apps info.plist.

But Wait there is more….

Once I got the fix identified and made, I decided I was tired of my svn approach to source code management since I had become used to using git on a more recent project.

Naturally, it seemed easy enough to migrate from Subversion to Git based on some excellent articles online for the conversion:

StackOverflow – how to migrate svn repository to git

Cleanly Migrate Your Subversion Repository To a GIT Repository.

And also some pointers on performing an initial load on a remote repository.

Now, MagicBrush-Photo’s source code is managed inside new repository on my website and I’ve got a git-based local directory to work out of.